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Alice in Wonderland

June 19, 2012 — 5 Comments

In our society, all around us, without us even being aware of it, there are subcultures. A group of people with a culture (whether distinct or hidden), which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong. The list of subcultures are extensive from Furries, to Trekkies, to the Goths, there are people who submerge themselves in a culture that pays homage to a particular era or belief system or fetish and it is more than just the occasional dress up party, for these, it is a lifestyle.
The music, the social scenes and relationships, the fashion and makeup and for some, even the career choices will revolve around this culture which they have fallen for. On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of June, I had the incredible privilege of attending ‘Cooly Rocks on’, in Coolangatta to have an affair with the 50′s and the Rockabilly sub-culture, for which I have now fallen in complete and utter love with.

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Do you know what I needed today? I needed Elisse.

Let me tell you about Elisse. She is a bombshell.
Yes, she is gorgeous (very easy to look at) but when I say bombshell, I mean in personality. You can’t even have a coffee with this girl without shaking your head the whole way home saying ‘What. The. Eff. Was. that’

I met her when she was working at the home wares store with my sister. I go in one day and there is Elisse dressed in the cutest outfit that you have ever seen, her hair all pretty, wearing red lipstick and this little apron and I did that thing where you make an assumption on a person simply by what you see…. Whats that word called when people do that again?……… oh yeah. Judging.

I judged her.

I decided that she was probably a bit of a sweetheart, she probably says ‘oh blast’ instead of the Eff word, daddy was probably a successful real-estate agent who bought her a pony when she was little, and she still keeps stuffed bears on her bed.

Then she opened her mouth from behind the counter to discuss blow jobs in such a casual way that she could have just as easily been discussing the annoying way you can never quite get those price stickers off the bottom of new plates, and it was then that I realized that not only had I been completely off the mark with this girl, but that we would also be very, very good friends from that day on. And so we were.

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Day one

June 7, 2012 — 57 Comments

Today is day one, of my one thousand single days.
I feel so excited by this that I want to write that same comment over and over again. Today is day one….. today is day one….today is day one.
What do I mean by one thousand single days? I mean, one thousand days of being single. And by single I mean single in every sense of the word.  No men, no dating, no love, no valentines day, no sex. Nothing. Alone.

I want to be alone for one thousand days. And today is day one.

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