My tattoo

My Tattoo


“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs with no fear of the future”
Prov 21:35

Language: Hebrew

15 responses to My tattoo


    love this! My black panther has a very similar meaning : )


    Beautiful! Mine says “veritias” – truth. It’s on my ribs, right under my heart.


    this is beautiful had to press it.xx I want a tattoo just not sure what yet… maybe “follow your heart” or “Plan B Distracts Plan A” I want it to represent what I live for


    Incredibly beautiful in every way. May I ask why you decided to have it in Hebrew?


    One of my favourite verses! Glad to meet a fellow Christian on WordPress! 🙂


    I absolutely love this! Just beautiful, especially in Hebrew! I wrote a post about my tattoo…


    Couldn’t it have been written “Woman” in Hebrew instead? It would’ve meant the same thing … and less painful.



    I adore this, just everything about it. I’ve been wanting to get more ink, but my husband keeps balking on it. oi


    😉 Love it!
    I just posted on my new butterfly tattoo. Must be something in the air!


    Who did your translation? I’ve been dreaming about the same tattoo but don’t know who to trust for the translation!


    Hey! I really love that tattoo in the hebrew. Where did you go to get the exact hebrew translation? I want one and want to make sure it it correct hebrew. I love that verse and would love that exact tat. Where did you find that verse in hebrew? Please reply. Thanks!

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