Remember how in Day one I wrote of the little boyfriend I had when I was 6 years old. Remember how I wrote of the kissing we secretly did on his trampoline and how we would then go eat the doggy biscuits?
Well guess who just got in touch with me!
Ah, life is a funny little thing…


Life is a funny little thing

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    Life is indeed funny. Last night my eldest, 16 in gr 10, had an FB mesg that showed a girl in his class he went to kindly with. Not so funny yet…. This was 10 years ago, we were living 40k from where we are now, Practically next door to her and the school, and there are many schools in between she could be gong to. Plus, last year they met via mutual friends and very nearly ended up ‘together’ til he broke his foot. Now she is traveling 40k to go to the same school as her now ex… I have to hunt out those school pictures.


    Doggy biscuits?? That’s weird! hahaha But nevertheless, life is a funny little thing 🙂


    Eee, thats crazy! Crazy rad. We used to eat dog biscuits as ‘treats’ when we were kids, I can’t remember whether my mother was unaware or encouraged it…


    Im on a cliffhanger…


    Intentions of past affections are always quite interesting.


    Hope you got some doggy biscuits handy if he comes for tea.


    Never say never. Life is a funny little thing. 🙂


    Hi 1000 – OMG, I used to eat doggy biscuits – especially ones that looked like fat fig rolls, white outside, granular brown stuff inside (yummy!?).
    Thanks for the shower of likes – Hope the grown boy is as sweet as the kid you knew 😉


    I really enjoy what I have read on here! Thanks for liking my blog, and keep reading… it gets better, I promise (I hope).


    Isn’t it nuts how that works? I get text messages from all my ex boyfriends’ in one week. Like, last time I was telling my mom that so and so sent me a text to check in and while I was talking, I got a text from a different one. But this has happened one or two times before. I don’t know how that works. Maybe a full moon or something!


    Dog biscuits have a secret love potion in them- Worked everytime for me when I was young!


    That is super adorable ❤


    That’s incredible! I have thought about searching out my friends from time before time, but I can honestly say I never ate doggy biscuits with any of them. (Though, I do remember my cousins eating dog food… boy I hope I didn’t do that)


    This is cute!

    Off topic:

    Hey, Thank you for paying a visit in my blog and liking the article I just recently posted. I am so honored that a person who has many followers went to my blog! 😀


    Does that mean you’re going to start dating? 😉


    I like this idea of blogging about childhood, life and dating. I’ll be back to see what’s going on. Oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog and reading as well. Your time is appreciated.

    Teresa Cleveland Wendel September 15, 2012 at 7:11 AM

    How sweet! Was it puppy love?


    That is the sweetest thing ❤

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