Tu me manques

25 responses to Tu me manques

    purpleowltree1234 August 5, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    That is *so* beautiful! The words, the meaning, the picture, the French. You are missing from me. Pricelessly beautiful.


    Gorgeous. Can I steal it?


    It’s the same in greek but -come on!- in french it sounds better!


    That’s lovely. My son is studying French too. x


    In Portuguese, the feeling of missing someone is called “saudade”. There is no direct translation of the word saudade, since Portuguese is the only language that allows you to refer directly to the way you’re feeling. Love your blog. SeaShell


    Love this! Thanks for visiting my page.


    You are such a romantic! The world needs more romance. — YUR


    this is good….simply putting words a little different to the norm makes a big difference to how the words touch you.


    I love this. So friggin cool. THANK YOU!


    It’s wonderful. Sometimes the only way to say it is in French.


    it´s similar to Italian “ti manco” or “mi manchi”, with the same meaning of “you are missing from me”. Spanish is different though, some places you can hear “te echo de menos” which would translate into something like “I notice you are not with me”, or “te extraño”, which is very weird because it is the same word that it’s used for “strange”, it’s like saying, everything is strage without you… Still, “saudade” is my favorite. It’s portuguese for longing, or nostalgia


    Beautiful! It is filled with romance!


    I like that. It’s a nice sentiment.


    Everything sounds so much better in french… damn it, why did I take spanish in high school!


    French is the language of love and so when you translate from English to French, French meaning will be romantic. “You are missing from me.”… I like that translation instead of saying the other thing.


    So beautiful.

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