Day 4 – Banging body, Why you no easy?

August 15, 2012 — 62 Comments

Things I know after 4 days of trying to get a banging body:

  1. Water does not taste like wine, even with ice in it.
  2. Running is unpleasant.
  3. Tuna on a dry cruskit does not taste like a cheeseburger.

Usually, a decision like this ‘Operation banging body’ comes the morning after you have spent a night crying into a bag of grain waves, over photos of Victoria Secrets models. In those moments, Lord help anyone who comes between you and your trainers and gym keys. You download clever fitness quotes that have been set against photos of sweating athletes and you nod your head in agreement with Kate Moss at her ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ statement. Amen sister, Amen. You put in a workout that day that leaves you gasping for breath and you shake your head at your neighbor whose face you can see lit up by the blue glow of another night of television. ‘See, thats why you’re fat, you lazy bastard’ because, after only one workout, and one breakfast that didn’t include cheese, you are now the new authority on fitness and discipline.

Oh but the next day.

You spent the previous night watching motivational videos, and circling photos of all the bikinis you plan on wearing on your banging body during the coming summer and you went to sleep on that pile of size 8 jeans you have pulled out of storage that you haven’t fit for nearly a year. You wake up with flashbacks of eating plain tuna from a can, situps and running on the spot, and the floor is littered with empty water bottles and fitness magazines. What HAPPENED here?

Gee, I sure was being silly. Banging body? Haha! What a crazy! What next hey Ness? Wow, I really must have lost my mind. Thank goodness I’m not a writer, and have a blog, and told a few thousand people that I was going to commit to a body challenge!

Oh wait……

So i’m neck deep in it now aren’t I? Countless emails have been coming in from ladies, and a few men too ‘You have motivated me to begin my own Operation Banging body! I will be following your story to keep me on track’ and ‘Love your determination!’

Aw, s**t!

So I guess I have to stick to it huh? So you know what I felt like doing instead of going to the gym this morning: Anything but go to the gym. You know what I did? I went to the gym. When I got on the bike, my legs started hurting before I had even started pedaling! I put a bit of Jack White on and my most upset and self pity face, closed my eyes, made peace with the understanding that the next hour was going to really, really hurt, and I went for it.

That was a few hours ago. When I got home, I ate oats for breakfast, and then spent another half hour on my floor doing sit-ups, press-ups, and other movements that I don’t know the names for. Not one moment of the whole ordeal didn’t hurt like hell, but on the morning after the night before, after the memory of those long haired, winged beauties in breathtaking lingerie have faded from your mind, and you miss your glass of wine so much you could cry and its been more than 72 hours since your last cheeseburger, and all you want is a cheeseburger it just comes down to you, and whether you want it enough to do the hard work, every single day, forever and ever after. Whether you do will be proven every single day you put your trainers on and do the workout, even if it is the last thing on earth you feel like doing.

I also realised this morning that I dont have the right to feel sorry for myself if I am out of shape, and cry into a bag of grainwaves while watching victoria secrets models walk around with beautiful bodies, wishing it was my head on those shoulders, because I am the one making the choice to be the way I am every single day. If I spend most of my day, on my ass doing stuff all and eating tim tams dipped in a hot chocolate, and then complain about all the jeans I can no longer fit, and how I can’t find anything in my wardrobe that makes me feel attractive, then I am an idiot.

If I am not willing to educate myself on nutrition and drink enough water, and care enough about my body to work out, then when I see someone walk past me with a beautiful body earned through hard work and self control, I need to keep my mouth shut. They deserve to look beatuiful. If I don’t have any self control and respect for my body, then I deserve s**t.

So thats how I feel on day 4. It hasn’t been easy, and it might not actually get any easier, but no one ever said it was gong to be easy, they just said it was going to be worth it. And I believe them.

I will be weighing in on monday morning. I have decided to weigh in once per week, in the hopes that there will be dramatic changes and i’ll be more motivated. As usual, this post will be archived with the others under the ‘Operation Banging Body’ tab.

I would like to leave the last word of this post to Gwyneth Paltrow, who I have always admired for being honest.

Take it away Gwyneth….


62 responses to Day 4 – Banging body, Why you no easy?


    Haha, grand post.
    I used to be in the same boat babe. Guess what tho: now I actually WANT to work out, and not just to feel morally good in that I’ve ticked the exercise box. I’m less anxious, shitty, sensitive and all that bollocks, and when I skip (running *does* suck) I can feel the stress drip out of me instead of just the physical pain piling on in, as it used to be. Fucking YEAH.


    Your tuna looks good! I know water sucks but its getting better for me. 🙂


    I went from a size 6 to a size 0. It was a hard 4 months of control and balancing cardio with light weights. I did this because that really is my body type and natural size, before fat-free hit the market.

    You have your reasons and I had mine. What got me through it was no kidding. Cheating. I didn’t deny a bite of cheese. A sugar free Skinny Cow now and again. Portion control and lots of gum were my saviors.

    That was 2 years ago. I’m now a size 2 and happy I can find clothes that weren’t intended for tweeners. I still workout about 4 times per week but find this is a zen for me. A centering.

    Avoid carbs and sugar. Don’t deny. That is when you want them more. BTW, I do eat pasta about twice a month. Otherwise, its mostly protein and vegetables – no butter but you dont need it It’ll be okay sweetie.


    This post is awesome!!! I love your honesty 🙂 I’m getting much better at wanting and enjoying working out but in the beginning I would have rather stuck forks in my eyes! Good for you for sticking it out 🙂


    just love the way you write.. Thank you for sticking to it as i’m one of your *follow*ers on this journey.


    Remember, the mind gives up quicker than the body does. I tell myself that everytime my gym instructor makes me do what feels like a thousand burpees. I’ve learned to love going to the gym and doing something for me. I know you can do it! If I just lived close to you I’d be your gym buddy haha. good luck 🙂


    You are absolutely HILARIOUS. I feel ya. I’ve been trying to get one of those Victoria’s Secret bodies as well, but so far I haven’t been able to make it past the chubby guinea pig body I currently have.
    Try Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, I did it for a while, it only takes 20 minutes a day and it’s exhausting.

    workspousestory August 16, 2012 at 12:41 AM

    Girl, I get you.

    And since I know it’s difficult to do it on your own, give Zuzka Light a go. She’s one of the most inspiring people I know.

    It’s basically a community of people, called WarriorZ, who support each other, and Zu working her ass off to provide new workouts each week, quite short, but damn hard. You share with the community how you’re doing, what your scores are, and plough through the day with everyone else. And it’s even more amazing when you learn Zu’s story. She’s just an awesome person.

    mylifeisthebestlife August 16, 2012 at 12:48 AM

    Fantastic post and YAY GWYNETH! I’m currently using pregnancy as an excuse for everything, but give me a few months and I’ll be ALL OVER your bandwagon!


    Thanks for making me smile…it was like reading everything I think! Awesome to know I am not alone! And I started one of those d**n blogs too…sigh…time to do some squats! 🙂


    Do not give up. Do not!


    Nicely done. You can do this. It is worth it. You cannot put a price on feeling good!


    Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it! Keep up the hard work, it’s all worth it in the end.


    It ain’t easy, that’s for sure. Sweat stinks (in more ways than one). I broke my foot recently and I’m so frustrated because even though I’m doing what I can, I’m limited in my ability right now. Can you believe, I miss the whole working out/running/cardio routine? Although, I’m with you on the whole tuna and water thing. Keep at it … when you start seeing serious results, you’ll be so addicted, you won’t care. 😀


    I’m really proud of you for going back to the gym! I tend to listen to that stupid second day voice too much so never get very far :S Well done for that and for being so honest about it! people want to be inspired when it comes to these things but you know what inspires them the most? Honesty about the whole experience not just ‘it’s all brilliant, it’s so easy you can do it too’.


    Wow you and me have completely different approaches to the gym you are way more intense than i am. As I pretty much focused on the social aspect of the gym experience.


    If you find yourself hating the gym like I do (Just the smell of it makes me think of pain) I suggest joining a team or something. Sports get you moving, and having a team counting on you gives you more motivation to show up. Maybe ultimate frisbee or something?


    Love the finishing touch with Gwyneth. “Honesty is the best policy” is something I’ve always believed in…


    I’m currently trying to get healthy and fit! Oh no wait, I’m currently eating a McFlurry… Damn my willpower! Good on you 🙂 It’s nice to see someone sticking well to a diet, even if it is only 4 days.
    I’ve started having really healthy breakfasts / lunches but I end up slipping up by night time. I once cut out sugar for 2 whole weeks before my birthday party and my gosh did I have some withdrawal headaches – have you had anything like that? They pass 🙂 but it’s still unpleasant.


      I have never had very much sugar in my diet as I do not like sweets/sweet things but I have been suffering Carbohydrate withdrawals as I eat a lot of pasta and love breads and cheese etc. Carbs have a a similar effect on your brain as a mild sedative, and your body can miss that. I have had to really discipline myself with breakfast, as I do not like eating breakfast. I eat rolled oats each morning which is quick and easy. This process is difficult, its a challenge every single day to stick to, but there is a valuable life lesson to be learned here: Doing something you don’t particularly want to do, because it is good for you. Not only for the here and now, but for your future. You can do it!


    I just loved this pst, and am inspired by you, too! Gweneth seems incredibly self-absorbed, and you are hilarious and funny and down-to-earth! (tell me otherwise if Gweneth is a great and giving person?!) … Keep up the great work (er, I meant writing!) out…. I am going to try.


    Haha, following you now and so I am adding to the pressure of you succeeding. Keep it up girl!! And take one day at a time. 😉


    Three years ago I started a work out regiment. I have managed to go from a size 12 to a size 0. Saying I lost a lot of me would be an understatement. I am a new me. I had a steady, sloppy routine of Jillian Michaels videos and running, then onto Jillian Michaels and nothing, then onto nothing for a few months, then back to Jillian and trying to run and then nothing, and finally Yoga, cycling (on the road) and biking (not on the road). Why can’t both be either one or the other, I mean we ARE talking about the same piece of equipment?

    I also managed to find an eating routine that aided my efforts. I hesitate to call it a diet because I really do kinda eat whatever I want. I’ll have a bottle of wine or a beer, a piece of cake, cheese, chocolate (mmm), chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and waffles, chocolate and whatever is handy, etc. The trick I have found that works for my body type is in managing the number of calories I consume in a day; making substantial, healthy and effective choices for the bulk of my consumption. I eat a lot of berries, tuna, salads, chicken, salmon, carrots and nuts, nuts, nuts. The mindset I use in approaching my regular meals is that of purely sustenance. If it becomes a fun time event I eat too much.

    I wasn’t in a hurry. I didn’t even weigh myself for the first year and a half or maybe longer. I still don’t own a scale. I didn’t have a target weight, but at one point I realized I had gone too far and had to put a few pounds back on.

    Congrats to you on deciding to do something. Best of luck on your journey. I am sure your story will be an inspiration to many. This installment was a great read.


      You are SO right on this. I read a book called ‘French women don’t get fat’ once (great read BTW) and it is outlining how french women do not deny themselves life pleasures such as pastries and cakes and wine etc, but they have balance. I really can’t do the book justice but what you said reminded me of the content of that book. I spent 18 months teaching myself about calories and nutrition during my pregnancy. It was pure laziness that caused me to ignore my own knowledge and gain weight.
      You are a very wise lady, thank you so much for taking the time to share some of that with me.


    Wanted to share a little tip too. Consider adding supplements to your diet. Fish oil, calcium and green tea are daily for me. Do the research.


      Thank you so much, I have actually begun supplementing my diet as of today. I usually do, as my mother is into natural medicines and alternative health and I was bought up that way, but I just let it go due to laziness really, but you reminded me of the importance. Thank you!


    Umm… I am you. HA. I can relate 10000%. Yesterday when I was being a little b**** about going to workout, I took a moment to jot down what I want (to be thin, wear mini skirts, blah blah blah) and then followed it with “Only I am in control of my body. Only I can make what I want to happen happen. Only I can say no to eating poorly. Only I can make myself fit and thin.”


    I’m pretty new to WordPress but I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say it’s great! Really good post and reminds me of my thought process every time I see someone much skinnier than me! But I think I love peanut butter sandwiches too much to give them up unfortunately…


      There is this whipped peanut butter here in australia and there is 3 jars of it in the cupboard. I think they whisper to me when I sleep, trying to seduce me to the cupboard so I can dip a spoon in. Sigh… peanut butter.


    It is hard work (there’s no getting around that) and there are days when I just want to pull the bedcovers over my head but instead I just get up and do it (whatever exercise session I have that day). I always feel better for doing it. But I still battle that little voice in my head – she’s a bitch! Also having a huge goal helps too. Knowing I have to front that start line at the end of October is a huge motivating factor! Keep at that banging body work & good luck!


    Awesome. I hope you make it. Working out is hard. But once you get into the habit, you may never want to quit. I love the quote at the end. I also like your attitude. I agree. I lost 15lbs recently. It was my fault that I let myself get to a size 12. Thanks for the great read.


    Awsome post. What a way to whip me into a frenzy. I’ve had the same arguments with myself. A friend told me her mother lost 100 lbs. How did she keep it off? Always telling herself, that a piece of chocolate or a day of exercise missed isn’t worth losing the feeling she gets when she puts on a size 6!

    I’m currently working on losing 30 pounds and regain my 20 something body. Most days I’d settle for late 30s body at this point, but I really want to wear a size 6 again!

    Keep up the good work!


    When i broke up with my ex and i was devestated that eventually turned to anger. I through that into weight training and cleaning eating and guess what? in 4 months a bangin body and less stress to boot 🙂


    hahahah, the woes of weight loss 😛 But once you start seeing results, there’s no looking back (at least that’s what they say :-l ) Fabulous post!


    Lol, I love your sense of humor. Hang in there, I feel your pain;)

    Matthew Chiglinsky August 18, 2012 at 6:17 PM

    Running over long distances only feels good if you do it right, which means:

    1) loading up on carbohydrates in the days before and drinking plenty of water
    2) strength training or running itself in the days before
    3) putting your heart and soul into it — you have to believe in yourself

    I have the most energy (and feel the best) when I run on a empty stomach an hour or two after waking up (without eating breakfast). All the energy my body will expend during the run was gathered the day before anyway, and eating a meal will only drain that energy for the sake of digestion.

    I don’t feel hungry during the run or after. Mainly I feel like a superhero, but that’s because I’ve conditioned my body over time to release those pleasure-inducing chemicals whenever I begin pounding my feet into the ground. To be blunt, if you do it right, running is basically masturbation.


      Oh my goodness! This made me blush a bit! Haha. I actually did a bit of reading about running technique after you wrote to me, and I see now I have been doing a lot wrong. Thanks for the heads up, and ahhhhh, the ‘tip’ in your last sentence…. my goodness! 😉

        Matthew Chiglinsky August 19, 2012 at 2:14 AM

        Hah. I didn’t think you would mind the sexual metaphor since your avatar is kind of sexy (shirtless), and the post right after this one mentioned sex.

        In any case, there’s a finer point to be made. Spiritually, I prefer running to any form of sex because (1) I’m in control and (2) it fosters a feeling of strength rather than weakness.

        Sex, on the other hand, is about submission, which is about humiliation, which is about being weak, and finding a human being who deserves such a sacrifice is a challenge.

        I’d rather run. It makes me feel, at least while I’m doing it, like I’m in love with life itself.


          Woah. Maybe you prefer running because you like your pleasure spiked with pain? Sadomasochism is your aeroplane. It’s. Your. Air. Oh. Plane.


            I love the Chillis. Guess who is going to see them live at Big Day out in Jan 2013……….:-)

            Matthew Chiglinsky August 19, 2012 at 12:13 PM

            The pain associated with physical exertion is a myth created by an unhealthy society. Exercise should not hurt unless you live an unhealthy lifestyle.

            Here’s an example. I do not eat ice cream, ever. I also do not eat cake nor candy nor French fries. I don’t care how good they taste or how much the TV or the fast-food joint tells you to eat these things. I don’t care about “moderation” in such a situation either. Poison is not meant to be moderated.

            Do you get tired when you walk up a flight of stairs? That’s probably because you’re either overweight, because you eat garbage, or because you exhaust the pleasurable chemicals your brain naturally produces on other indulgences (too much sex, masturbation, or who knows what other drugs).

            Running doesn’t feel good constantly. There are periods of fatigue and pain, but the healthier you are the shorter those periods become.

            I actually do not enjoy pain. I enjoy self-discipline and the challenges I am able to overcome because of it.


            Wow wow wow, fanTAStic message! You are right! I have never been overweight but I did smoke for 14 years (hangs head in shame) and while I too cannot eat candy, ice cream etc (just do not like the taste) I did eat a lot of pasta (sedating) and though I was bought up by a mother with so much wisdom about food and nutrition, I let it all go. Now I have to do the work to heal my body after so many years of neglect. Giving up smoking was one, then putting everything my mother and my own research taught me about nutrition into practice again. My body feels like it is coming alive again. This isn’t so much as even having a ‘Banging body’ but having a body that is alive and working as it was designed to work.
            Thank you for your input, you are very wise.

            Matthew Chiglinsky August 19, 2012 at 2:38 PM

            I kind of overlooked the whole weightless thing. There are actually 3 reasons behind my own running:

            1) At some point in high school, I realized I could no longer run properly. It was very strange. When I would try to run, the cadence just didn’t feel right. I realized that most of the times I used to run were during recess in elementary school, and in high school there is no recess at all. I was out of practice, but I missed that feeling of freedom I had as a child with the wind blowing my face, so I started running again in my spare time.

            2) Supposedly running has long-term cardiovascular benefits, but it also seems to give me energy. I’ve found that I feel lethargic at work (a desk job) when I’ve stopped doing it for a while.

            3) I’m really angry at the world, and running allows me to vent some of my frustration in a socially-acceptable way. Perhaps some of those people who decide to open fire on a crowd of strangers should try it.

            Matthew Chiglinsky August 19, 2012 at 2:39 PM

            Oh. Were you talking about when I said sex is humiliating?

            All sex is humiliating because you are exposing yourself in a very personal way. The only way it wouldn’t be humiliating is if you could completely trust the other person, except that you can’t completely trust anyone. Hence humiliation is an unavoidable side effect of intimacy.

            Matthew Chiglinsky August 19, 2012 at 2:44 PM

            Did I mention that running doesn’t feel good all the time? I actually slow down a little during the times when I become fatigued or overheated, so that my body can recover.

            Also, if I run too many times in a week without time to rest, it won’t feel as good. The body has finite resources.

            (I type too much. This is why I have a blog.)


            Haha, I type too much too, about EVERYTHING (Hence why I also have a blog) So i don’t mind at all, I love the input and the ideas and the different ways you think.

        Matthew Chiglinsky February 14, 2013 at 4:14 PM

        I should apologize for speaking so bluntly. I made that comment back when I used to watch porn (before I realized how evil both it and our modern culture in general is with respect to sex). I think I’m a little healthier now, spiritually, and I try not to talk like that anymore.

        My advice is to eat healthy, exercise, and just avoid sex unless you decide to get married.


    Great post!! I felt the same way and had some of the same revelations when I began working out!! It eventually got to the point to where now, I feel terrible when I don’t work out… I may not love it while I’m doing it, but I am addicted to the way I feel when I’ve finished 🙂


    Our heads are so on the same know what frustrates me the most? There are those individuals who don’t have to work out that often and can eat whatever they want, but have the perfect body. Those of us that have to work for it have it more rough darn it. I have to tell myself…”well you are doing it the right way, and Jessica Biel is a beast.” One thing about weighing yourself..your weight doesn’t reflect the results you are actually producing, you are probably trimming up! After seeing you today, I know you are definitely trimmed to hell and back:) I have just gotten on autopilot about going to the gym. I drive there without thinking…then once I’m there I’m like “well hell, might as well throw it down.” I am now on the 6-pack goal, which has completely sucked..not gonna lie. Its so awesome to see someone on the same page as me:)


      I’ve found I am walking to the gym in the mornings without thinking either (the estate where I live has a gym 30 or so meters down the path) and i’m a bit the same, once I walk through the doors, I figure I might as well make it worth it. I just weighed in after training and eating well for 6 days. I really, really, really want to write about it now because I lost so much more than I thought I would, but tomorrow is one week since I began so I will do another weigh in and write once I have that figure, but wow, even 6 days can change your body so much if you commit to it huh? I also feel incredible, my mind seems more clear and I sleep very well (I battle with insomnia) Seems eating well and working out actually has benefits… who knew.


    In my experiences with weight loss, I’ve found that it’s more a mental battle than anything. You wouldn’t expect it because you’re working with all physical things, right? My boyfriend pointed this out to me when he was explaining how he managed to achieve so much in the space of time that he was exercising – focus on fitness more than weight loss, and you’ll do really well. For a stint of time earlier in the year (which unfortunately didn’t carry on), I took his approach and followed what he did, and not only can I consistently do 30 mins on an elliptical machine even now (I was getting up to 35 rather faced-paced minutes before we stopped), but I find doing it a lot easier when you reduce it to a mental battle. You can – I can – push past the minor pains and struggles to do it, and it can become enjoyable this way, I’ve discovered 🙂 Unfortunately my work’s become undone due to life massively getting in the way, so I’m back to square -1. Today’s my day re:1, and I’m not letting life stop me now, no matter how big situations get 🙂 (I guess this makes me publicly dedicated now too!)


      A few days ago I saw a quote that said ‘Your mind will give up before your body does’ and I really thought about that a lot. When I went to the gym the next day I realised that what you have just said, and what that quote was talking about is completely true. I had been giving up long before my body had been worked hard because my mind was weak. I did the best work out in years that day because I didn’t stop until I simply couldn’t take it anymore and I felt incredible and strong and disciplined for the rest of the day. My mind is the weakest and most unfit part of who I am right now and if I can work on training my mind and disciplining my mind, then my body will follow. You are very, very much publicly dedicated! And in two weeks, I am going to write to you and ask you if you have been good, so you better get to work. 😉


        Hey that’s awesome! 😀 Congrats! 😀 To be honest my mind is definitely the weakest part of me too. Haha oh dear! I’m moving in two weeks (or so; I’ve been thinking I’m moving soon for the last two months, but it kept on getting pushed back. It’s why I’m so far gone :/) so it’ll be very interesting to see how I’ll good I’ll be! But I appreciate that 😀 Good luck with this, and uni, and other stuff 🙂


    Very well written and said. Honesty wrapped with humor is motivation. Thank you


    I love jogging, it keeps my ass tight!


    Hey Hun, Thanks for following me, I love your posts! Hope you like my new/recent ones, right essay time so firstly I hope you are well and only continue reading this when you have a spare 10 minutes or so LOL I love this post it is all so very true, I sadly went from a size 10 top size 12 bottom (Which I liked because of my shape I felt sexy, slim yet curvy and still firm and fit) to a size 12 top and size 14 bottom (UK sizes) but my body is becoming increasingly disgusting to look at in my opinion, other people don’t agree or see what I see but I am sure all the women with weight fluctuation problems will get me. While I am no monster and am aware of this, I feel extremely overweight, extremely insecure about my body and more and more aware of my bad bits everyday, how much I hate my body and how much I struggle to agree on looking good day to day and believe me I do put a lot of effort into my appearance LOL and more and more aware of the beautifully slim and sexy figures all around me that I wish I had… Reading this gave me the slap in the face I needed so thank you, operation banging body is exactly what I need after countless attempts to stick at the Gym. I started to eat right and was going to the gym 3-4 times a week and doing an hour and a half an eve and drinking lots of water, now as this was when I lived with My Mum it was 3 minutes walk down the road, whereas now I love with my boyfriend its still an easy bus journey after work but just in the opposite direction and to be honest I have just been too lazy and comfortable in my relationship and just have not bothered to exercise, then like a dummy sit and stress and moan about weight gain and lack of tone and firmness, but its more the lazy part that is the problem, I don’t eat much at all, 3 meals a day sometimes 2 and not big portions, however I do eat a lot of crap from the whole “Cant be fucked to cook!” kind of attitude sometimes, although recently I have been avoiding this very well. I sometimes wish my boyfriend would say, “You’re letting yourself go, look at your tummy and arms fat ass, sort it out, your slipping, you’re so lazy!” LMAO I know I would probably punch him in the face and burst into tears, but it would sure as hell motivate me, instead of “I love your body baby its banging, you’re the sexiest woman in the world to me!” I know right? I’m a very lucky girl… but this just makes me slip even more, then going back to self control, I lack it! I think starting tomorrow (As I already have a slightly unhealthy lunch in my fridge at work) I am going to get serious about this whole eating right and exercise lark everyday and stop being such a mug paying for a Gym membership I never use anymore so follow my journey! To be honest, the only reason my lunch is slightly unhealthy today is because I forgot to take a loaf of whole meal bread out the freezer last night and grabbed the uneaten tub of pasta I bought as a side dish for dinner last night in my need to eat lunch and having no time to go to the shop beforehand. So I settled for pasta (Naughty) apple, cereal bar and yoghurt as I skipped breakfast an apple and some crisps. This week (excluding today) I have had wholegrain cereal to start, lunch a whole meal bread sandwich with light butter, ham (little cheese, naughty I know) and ham and cucumber sandwiches, apple, crisps, (again naughty) and for dinner something filling and not so terrible with salad etc… Anyway as I am sure you guessed from this and my blogs I talk too much so watch the space and you will see all the naughtiest dropped and the exercise starts again today I HAVE TO! Sorry for the essay but I am going to start my own Operation Banging Body and needed to share my thoughts before I start and give you the credit due for your blogs affect on me. xXx Mwah! Stay tuned!


    you can get it done in the past year or so I’ve dropped from 250 lbs to now 216 (should be 214 but i gained 2lbs due to fat kid habits lol) My goal is to hit 170, the closer you get to your goal the more motivation you’ll get


    love this piece, am gonna try it

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