16 responses to every person you meet


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    gaah so true


    yes. you have received my storey. i have yours. you have affected me. i have affected you.it is called sharing life.


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    My first ever Reblog. This picture speaks to me, it makes me feel, and this person has now become part of my story.


    how so true…


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    wow… never felt so connected with a pic before.


    Really interesting writing-love your 15 min post-outstanding….


    Love this so much.. love love love ๐Ÿ™‚


    I want to reblog this on my blog Dixie Lil. It’s such an awesome thought. We make some kind of impression on everyone whose life we touch.


      Please feel free to share it ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have always felt that there was an element of success that depended solely on whether a person felt better about themselves and the world around them after being in contact with me, than they did before I ran into them/met them/rendezvous with the,. If I can leave a persons side and they feel better about who they are, than before were together, than I have achieved one of the highest accomplishments, in my opinion.
      Each morning, we wake up, yawn, stretch, then hang our feet over our bed and step into a paint as such.
      For the rest of that day, the paint we first set our feet into will be dispersed into the lives and memories of every single person we encounter that day.
      Will the footprints be soft? Tip toes? Gentle? Memorable? Dancing? Hop scotch? Fun? Encouragement?
      Or will they be stomps…Heels digging in….Crushing….Bruising….
      There is no escaping it. You leave a footprint in the life of every single person you come into contact with on any given day.


    a very moving blog. wow! you speak to so many people. I can never hope to achieve your readership so I am humbled that you now follow my little blog.I will endeavour to make in entertaining and meaningful. I have added your blog to my ‘list of favourites’


    I saved a link to this in a draft and I’m just now writing about it. You always inspire me, Vanessa.

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