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    How awesome that we have female role models to inspire us as we pursue our own dreams, no matter what the age we are at. Thank you so much for posting this.




    Thanks for dropping by.

    And I wish you the best in your 1000 day adventure.


    A success story indeed.


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    Awesome. Mind you, being a doctor is no cakewalk either! Best of luck to her!


    Thank you for the positive story. Good to hear of people who overcame so much and became successful.


    is this the STARTING of the story or the END of the story… eager to know…


    Having a child early does not mean you ruin your life unless you become a ‘breeder’ and give up on your dreams! I was homeless at 18, had a daughter at 19, a disabled daughter at 27 and a breakdown at 32. I’ve never stopped working and studying and now run my own IT business.

    My daughter is now 21 and has a Psychology degree and is studying for her Masters and best of all, she hasn’t made me a granny like I did my mum and her hers!

    Great post – too many people think single parents are a drain on society so it’s nice to see a positive post on a single parent. Thank you!


      Dear Writer29uk – You, have a great and inspiring story of your own. The human spirit is wondrous and the stuff that makes our world beautiful. Have you written your story so thousands can read it and be inspired. Keep on doing it! I live in Boise, Idaho. I just wrote my first book, and I’m 82. Where do you live and work and do your thing


        Thank you Robert. I am writing a book myself about my experiences and I do some work in a psychiatric ward visiting and inspiring patients. I also have several blogs, one for parents and carers of children with CP, one for those suffering with mental illness.

        I’ve had so much trauma in my life and it means the world to me to be able to help people with my experience. I am in Surrey/UK

        Congrats on your first book, the way I keep delaying mine I wonder if I’ll be 82 when it is finished! What was your chosen topic and how long did it take once you started?


    An uplifting look into another person’s incredible journey.


    Good for her! Reach out and grab what you want…don’t wait for the world to just hand it to you (cause that’ll never happen).


    Always good to see those that succeed dispite what the world tells them.


    Wonderful that she could keep her focus throughout such a long process, with all the challenges that she faced!


    That is awesome! What a positive role model she is for her son! Truly amazing! 🙂


    A Dream is all you need !!


    Beautiful story – should go on Facebook for thousand to see.


    Good for her. I admire her courage and determination.


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    An inspiration to all, not just women.


    BRAVO!!!! This woman is a TRUE role model! I wish her the best!


    For any of you that follow Bret Michaels on Facebook, you’ve seen Michaels Theory: Anything that can go wrong, will – but you’ll find the inner strength to kick its butt! And this lady did!


    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing this story!!


    This, certainly Inspired me.


    Every day we can do one small thing on the road filled with our dreams. Just one small thing adds up to a big thing. I shared this on my blog,
    Thanks for your share!


    What a great success story. A good thing to think about when you’re feeling overwhelmed and down. I have no doubts that one day everything you are now working for will be achieved.


    Great story. Thanks for sharing.


    I love that she never gave up; I love that she didn’t let the world crush her; and I love that she has come so far. Thank you!


    Amazing story of courage and determination. Thank you for sharing


    Well this just gave me new found motivation to get off my bum and go to something productive with my day. So very inspiring!


    I love it! Best of luck on your thousand days!


    Inspiring! Much needed,thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for being so inspiring. What a cool role model you’ve become for your son.


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    This is a great story of how someone should use assistance and turn it into a positive. She turned lemons into lemonade!!!


    Fabulous! Just what I needed to read today to give me a lift 🙂


    She and I have a lot in common. Fantastic post…thank you.


    It is amazing story!! I really love your blog and would love to follow you so that I get to hear more stories from you. Thank you so much for visited my blog and liking it. It was such an encouraging as a new blogger to have somebody like you visited.


    I suppose med school with a kid is possible….thanks for the inspiration to keep moving!!!


    I lost my dad when i was 13 months and mum brought my brother and me up all by herself She had a tough time being a single working mother. Family wasn’t that supportive and people used to talk about her. She weathered all storms and gave me an upbringing *in spite me being a rascal of a kid* that any other kid would envy. I salute all single mums. Loads of respect for them.


    Beautiful and greatly encouraging. Thank-you 🙂


    Wow, I just came across this wonderful blog and feel compelled to post (while drying eyes). I am extremely honored to be married to Kelly and am inspired by her on a daily basis. To answer a post above, this is most definitely NOT the end of the journey. She’s actively working on getting into a residency program in dermatology…a never ending process…

    I thought I would share a piece that aired on our local news after her graduation and a news story explaining more of the story:

    Kelly Griffith-Bauer – KOIN 6 Interview, June 27, 2012

    Tribune Article:


      Oh I cried! Jeremy thank you so much for sharing this with me and all the readers of this blog. Your wife is a beautiful, determined and exceptional women who has become a role model to countless people who dared to have a dream that seemed bigger than their circumstances.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write, I feel humbled that two people with such a remarkable story have visited my site.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

    Kelly Griffith-Bauer September 28, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    I am incredibly humbled by all of this truly incredible feedback. My heart soars with so much wonderful energy and supportive words! Thank you for sharing my story!!


      Oh my goodness! I feel quite shocked and star struck that both you and your husband have visited me via my blog!
      Kelly I admire you so much. One night, only a few weeks ago, I was extremely upset because I simply completely and utterly exhausted from nearly 2 years of trying to juggle studying full time as well as raise 2 little boys on my own with no family support. I was stumbling through the internet and somehow came across a little article which showed a photo of you kneeling on stage for your hooding and a brief write up about what bought you to that point. I burst into tears.
      I can’t tell you what your story means to me and how much of a difference your testimony and achievements make as I wake up and face another day of being a mum on her own trying to achieve her own dreams.
      I hope you don’t mind that I created that poster, I felt that your story would be the encouragement someone else out there who is needing a role model and a reminder to keep going. Its seems that it has been an encouragement to many, many people and have since seen that posted all over the pintrest/tumblr/other blogs etc.
      Who knows how many people found the strength to keep focused and not give up because of the fact that you never did.
      Thank you so much.
      (I am still so star struck that you wrote on my blog!)


    What an inspiring story! Perseverance is the palette of our passions.


    Thanks for stopping by! This is a beautiful post – what an inspiring woman!

    iknowivebeenchanged November 9, 2012 at 7:17 AM

    God is so awesome, and worthy of all praise.Sometimes we have to go through it , to get to it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!


    Now that is inspiration! Never never never give up on your dreams!


    People who never give up and pursue their dreams are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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