One Thousand Single Days Turned Vanessa Katsoolis into a Blogging Success

September 22, 2012 — 6 Comments

My recent interview with Anna Rydne of For all those who want know how the blog came so far in such a short space of time, all the tips and advice can be found in this article. Enjoy

Anna Rydne Communicate (your) Skills

With her blog One Thousand Single Days, Australian based blogger Vanessa Katsoolis, has turned into a rising star on the blogosphere. Writing personal stories about her up-bringing in a bohemian Kiwi-Greek family and about her self-created challenge: staying single for 1,000 days until March 14th 2015, Vanessa’s blog has been read over 70,000 times by readers in 135 countries and she has well over 3,000 subscribers, just 3 months since her first blog post hit the internet. What a kick-start for the new blogger!

Today, I have the privilege to publish an interview with Vanessa, in which she talks about her blog, its success and what led up to it. She also shares some advice on how to boost your readership further down in the article.

>>The question that was the first to hit my mind after seeing Vanessa’s blog title was what would happen if she doesn’t stay single…

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6 responses to One Thousand Single Days Turned Vanessa Katsoolis into a Blogging Success


    Congrats on your success.


    Just awesome!!! You must be so thrilled. Congratulations!:)


    Brilliant interview Vanessa

    Thanks for the tips too, though I don’t think i’ll ever get any where near your success.. far too uninteresting and I think probably a bit too personal ..having said that I don’t think that was the aim.

    It’s always good to see someone succeeding in their chosen field, well done!
    love n hugs


    Awwwwwwesommmmme 😀 Congrats Girl!! (And this is just the beginning!)


    Congratulations! I am aspiring to be like you. Also thank you for liking one of my posts! I am a new blogger and it is great to get feedback!

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