For those who would like to see me nervously fumbling my way through my interview on The Morning Show, click THIS LINK

As it was live, I was extremely nervous and felt like a deer in the headlights and this comes across on camera a little bit, but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share about the blog so many thanks to the producers and crew of The Morning Show.

A deer in the headlights

80 responses to A deer in the headlights


    that was you “fumbling?!” you nailed it! plus, you looked great. plus plus, i’m incredibly jealous of your location there on the gold coast. i recently started following a photographer on instagram who takes early-morning pictures on the beach there, and… gaaaahhh. is anything more gorgeous?!


    You were great Ness!

    I watched it with great interest to see where this headlight moment was and couldn’t see any at all.
    You were cool, poised unhurried and very clear and frank about your self and your reasons for the 1000 days.

    It wouldn’t surpise me if we ( as in the whole wide world ) get to see a whole lot more of a certain Vanessa Katsoolis πŸ™‚
    Well done Ness!
    love n hugs
    ps. You DID wear red lipstick πŸ˜€ x


    Ooh waauuuww.. That must have been an awesome feeling! You didn’t look nervous at all πŸ˜‰ I liked you hair btw.. How did you create that big bun?


    Hi Vanessa,
    Oh wow, wow, WOW! You were fabulous! What an amazing opportunity for you, and you looked gorgeous!! Red lippy and all… you’re going to have all the young men beating a track to your door! You didn’t appear nervous at all.
    I’m so pleased for you, that you had the chance to do this, and it has advertised your blog, and your writing and your goals – and brought you an unexpected happiness too. It must have been really, really exciting to do it. I am SO pleased for you! I’m so happy for you I could hug you! I’m sending you one right now…… have you got it yet……??
    Lots of love, Lyn xx


    Nate is from my home town. Same high school. I think you are a nobel human being, I’m sure you are finding out about what creation and life really are all about. Clearly you are. Much happiness to you and all of your unadulterated creations πŸ™‚


    you looked absolutely gorgeous and you came across very eloquently. so awesome!!


    Reblogged this on and commented:
    This is amazing and The Morning Show was very inviting.


    Very cool. I wish you luck πŸ™‚


    I just watched your video. That was great. I did find it interesting that they changed the title to 1000 days of celibacy though haha.

    Nevertheless … I hope you are finding some of the answers you have been searching for.


    You expressed yourself very well, it’s no wonder your writings are so eloquent. I can identify with your reasoning behind starting this venture. ( It’s amazing how much freer you feel when you encounter a “prospect” and within seconds of parting from him, even after some conversation, they become a fleeting thought at best.)


    Elegant and poised, and truly the best of luck on your journey. Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚


    Hey Rockstar, thanks for your “like” on my recent post Friends: a man’s perspective. I always feel honored when you come through!


    Hey, thanks for ‘like’ing a couple of my posts. I’m amazed with your hectic schedule you have time to check out various blogs so I’m very happy mine was one.
    Like other replies have said i also had trouble (read that couldn’t see) where you looked like a deer in the headlights. I thought you did very well and I wish you much success in your adventure.
    Anyway thanks again, keep up the good work,


    What moment? I saw none! It was an honour to even watch the show, as I’m all the way in Lagos Nigeria and didn’t think I would ever get too. You’re such a beautiful person – in and out – and I’ll continue cheering you on! Well done!


    You were composed and collected. You looked totally hot. No problems there! So proud of you, friend.


    I’m completely blown away! That was so cool! You did yourself proud! Loved your joke about the one exception to your rule. Happy for you! Good job, young lady! Moskowitz from the USA


    great interview, but yet staying single for a life time is not something good, my mother is a single mother too, she got divorced when I was a year and a half, and she didn’t get in any relation in her whole life, except her marriage to my father 17 years ago, now I could feel that she would have been better if there was a good man beside her
    for me am 18 years old, I have ignored all the feelings I had towards any girl till now, it once happened that my peers pressure made me feel I loved a girl but I ignored that feeling till later I totally lost it, all the girls I have ever met were either friends or sisters, I also don’t plan to let love enter my heart before I finish all my 8 years in the university, to be honest this dedication to stay away from love allowed me to see more distinct and details in life, I am getting more towards all kinds of beauty, nature feelings (you could see that by the,set of photos I have been posting on my blog) and even unsexual sides of girls, I really love girls especially those at young ages like 4 or 5 they are very cute lovely innocent and even too much beautiful, I always love to give a kiss or a hug. about older girls, I keep track of the face and eyes, trying too much to ignore other parts of the body. my goal in the coming few years is to stay away from love as much as I can, but for later, I don’t want to die alone, I will search for the woman that will make me laugh and happy, my point here is that it is good to stay single for a while but not for ever, no one could stay alone and live happily for ever without a partner. I have been following your blog for a while, but this time I thought I should say what is in mind.


    I’d like to know where the deer in the headlights was, ’cause you certainly weren’t it πŸ™‚ I know many times we judge performance many times harder than the rest of the world does and I think that’s just what you’ve done. You were very well spoken and responded well to their questions. I probably would have fallen over just knowing I was on the tube.


    You were glowing and looked completely at ease in front of the camera. Way to go!

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