This post will only be available for 24 hours

October 30, 2012 — 38 Comments

I am going to blatantly and unashamedly ask you to do something for me for no other reason than it would make me happy and that’s the gosh honest truth of it.

Since starting this blog I have had a lot of support from family and friends but one person who has really offered exceptional support and advice and has been a priceless friend since this all started is my dear friend Mikey. Now he recently began his own venture, establishing Studio HD which is described in their own words as “a web series on how (not) to run a successful music studio.”
They create these hilarious and genius “song in a week’ music videos based on the suggestions of their fans. As they are just starting out they are looking for support and publicity and as they used several of my own suggestions in their very first video and have shown relentless support for my writing I would like to give back to them by asking my own readers to take a look at their Facebook page and if you like what you see ‘Like the page’

I have never used my blog as a platform to promote any business or organisation and this will be the only exception to my rule on this but Mikey helped me through a particularly difficult time a few days ago and I really feel like this is a way I could say thank you.
Starting studio HD was a big deal for the guys behind it and I am 110% for following your dreams and doing something creative with your life and taking risks.
Please do me a favor and like THIS PAGE.
In return I will publish a little story.
Love you all,



38 responses to This post will only be available for 24 hours


    Done. I can’t wait for story time 🙂


    🙂 Wow! How come out of all the readers in the entire world, I am supported by the very best ones?!?!
    I truly feel such warm, fuzzy love feelings for you all. Thank you.


    Shared on my timeline……and liked…….


    awesome! those guys are really hilarious. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Thanks!


    I like and i can’t wait for that 😀


    Hey, I think it is awesome your showing mad love and respect for your friend Mikey and repaying his kindness in your time in need to get his new project/business some promo time! You got ,y support!


    Thank you so much guys, much love to all of you especially Vanessa for such a big return for literally just being a friend. Vanessa is such a beautiful person and I sincerely do feel blessed to have her as a friend 🙂
    Since this was posted we have 17 new likes in about an hour which is amazing.
    Once again Vanessa, thank you so much from Studio HD and myself.
    Much love and respect to you and all your subscribers 🙂



    I liked 🙂 now I wait 🙂


    liked for you! not fair though he already has more likes than my own facebook page LOL


    This is such a sweet gesture! Reminds me of the time not too long ago when I uploaded a friend’s video and asked for other bloggers to leave a surprise birthday comment for him. Liking the page in support of you wanting to lend support! Haha


    Just checked out the page! I think you may want to remind your readers also that it’s not enough to “like” a page anymore to keep it in your newsfeed; it must be added to your “Interests” list. Damn FB!


    I have no FB! Are they likable anywhere else? 🙂


    Best wishes for Mikey and his new venture! You’re a good friend to pimp his site. 🙂


    I honestly have no problem with you promoting someone you know on your blog. Many do it, why not you? Especially when you know there’s someone out there who deserves some attention? The attention–isn’t that what a lot (though not all) people are hoping and looking for here on WP? Its your blog, do what you want with it! I’m going over to FB to take a view at their page.


    The logo at first looked to me like Stupid Ho, and then I started singing the Nikki Minaj song… It won’t get out of my head!


    You are entitled. You were honest about your intentions…..and helping a friend is the best of intentions….


    Awesome idea! Done and my best to your pals!

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