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Life is beautiful

November 28, 2012 — 112 Comments

Gold Coast, QLD – Ulladulla, NSW
2 young boys, 1 gal and one hell of an adventure.

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I thought I would touch base as I haven’t posted in a long while now and have also got emails and comments going un-replied and I hate ignoring the site but I wouldn’t do so for no good reason…. I am moving house!
This little lady all on her own has taken on the task of moving herself, two boys and everything she owns to somewhere new. It’s easier said than done I can tell you that much.
I have also pulled a typical Vanessa move and decided that I will not be getting a handy man in to do all the scheduled maintenance and repair jobs, but rather, I will do it myself thank you very much. So I am sunburnt and very exhausted at the moment from spending the last several days in the sun working away at jobs designed for strong, male hands, lifting things too heavy for my skinny, quivering little arms and learning how to fix the lights one electric shock at a time.
The interesting detail about this whole move business is that I don’t actually have a place to move into yet…..
My lease is up on the 4th of December (yes, this year…. yes, less than 6 days away) and I have to be out by then.
The thing is, it seems to be a lot harder to find a home in a safe, affordable area than I remember…

I have found a few good potentials, and then hurriedly binned my application when I saw the neighbours. One sitting on the front porch smoking a filterless cigarette and wolf whistling at the children and the other? A woman carrying what seemed to be the worlds obesity epidemic in its entirety on her shoulders while she screamed in the house ‘Honey Boo Boo you git yer butt down here we got to go get us some more of them leaflet bundles so we can get snippin them coupons so we can save MONAAAAAAAAAAAAY’

Sure the rent was reasonable… but you know…

So that’s the dilemma. Moving in a matter of days with currently no forwarding address. But you know what? I’m not worried because it’s going to work out just fine, I know it. And if it doesn’t, well I will just tell the kids that we are going to go camping for like, a really, really long time.

So thats the news. If anyone owns a home on the Gold Coast and wants to just, oh I don’t know, GIVE IT TO ME, then please feel free to contact me. Otherwise you all enjoy your week and pray that the next post I put up isn’t while stealing the wireless internet from the Macdonald’s while I sit it a cardboard box, warming my hands on the burning tire pile and hissing at the stray cats. 🙂

Love you all

UPDATE: An hour after posting this: This happened….Life is beautiful

Watch her thrive

November 21, 2012 — 28 Comments

The Watch Her Thrive Project is an organisation that has been established to give a voice and aid to women in war torn countries. This year I will be working with the Watch Her Thrive Project by contributing to a collaborative book containing stories on hope, courage and strength, which will be published and sold to raise money for these women.

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Imagine that there is a war. Bombs fall and stray bullets tear apart the ground spitting clouds of dust up into the laces of the boots of soldiers who run, run, run away from buildings that fall, fall, fall to the ground. There is no safety anymore, just things falling apart. The scenery that once made up your life is collapsing around you and amongst the noise of the sound of lives coming undone you can hear a very clear and very sound voice in your head say ‘You have to get out of here’ Continue Reading…

Good morning!
I was interviewed by New Jersey station “Rowan Radio” 89.7 earlier this week for their ‘Womens room’ segment to discuss and what i’ve learnt so far.
I am continued to be humbled that the lessons I have learnt through my life experiences could have the power to speak to people beyond my physical reach.
Many thanks to Allie Volpe and to Rowan Radio!
You can listen to the interview online HERE

Ease her heart

November 3, 2012 — 38 Comments

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