Watch her thrive

November 21, 2012 — 28 Comments

The Watch Her Thrive Project is an organisation that has been established to give a voice and aid to women in war torn countries. This year I will be working with the Watch Her Thrive Project by contributing to a collaborative book containing stories on hope, courage and strength, which will be published and sold to raise money for these women.

All proceeds of this book will go directly to Women for Women International, an organisation that provides financial aid, job training, rights awareness and leadership education to women of war-torn countries. It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of this incredible cause and you can view my bio and read information on the project HERE

In addition to the release of the book, Watch Her Thrive will be hosting a live wine and chocolate soiree at the Hotel Fiesole in Skippack, Pennsylvania with a silent auction that will include amazing services and beautiful pieces of art, jewelry and design by local artists. A live, 24 hour talkathon on Vokle will coincide with this event.

On Cyber Monday, November 26th, 2012, we are working together to raise $15,000. From midnight through to 23:59 ET, Kimberly of Watch Her Thrive and a whole collection of special guests will be broadcasting a live video stream via Vokle in a bid to inspire you to help us give a voice to these women in war torn countries. I will be a guest on this live broadcast and invite you to be a part of the event with me by going to Vokle so you can RSVP HERE and don’t forget the whole point of the event which is to DONATE. Every dollar counts and every contribution will go towards securing freedom and safety for another woman.

The release and sale of this book has the potential to change the lives of hundreds of burdened women living in unfathomable circumstances. It is also the first time any of my work will be published in print and this also means more to me than I can describe….It is a dream come true.
With that I invite you to support this cause and support my dream of being a published author by purchasing the book when it is released.
(Details of release date to come)

Thank you so, so much for your ongoing love and support of my story, and don’t forget to subscribe!



28 responses to Watch her thrive


    Congratulations and kudos on working for such a wonderful cause!! Good luck. I know you will do great.


    This sounds like a wonderful project! I work in the domestic violence field and I know the struggles and hardships American women face. I can only imagine the ugly and uncertain battle that is spread out before women living in a disadvantaged country. God Bless you for your work! Congratulations on getting printed. I wish you much success. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I’m so glad you did as it led me to yours.


      Oh wow, you must see hardship every day…It makes you so thankful for your safety and peace in your own home. You do very brave and meaningful work.


        I do see a lot of hardships. However, I see a lot of goodness as well. When a single mom of 3 gets her first job…which leads to her very own home…it’s amazing!! I’m very thankful and very blessed! Thank you. I hope you have a very blessed day!!


    I am so excited for you and this project. I am glad you shared it and will be watching it closely. May we all do our part to make a difference.


    Excellent project. Before people can excerise power they must first be empowered.


    Amazing project. It sounds like such a worthwhile cause. I am glad you will experience your dream of being a published author.


    Education provides a platform for awareness, which when spread to many, and can give rise to change. This project should serve to further independent social dissatisfaction and civil unrest for those subjugated through corrupt institutions and the absence of a moral center. Establishing a new cultural norms for women in such circumstances is daunting, but so are all great achievements when first undertaken.


      Yes, I believe that education is imperative for empowerment. Not just academic education, but the education of what your rights are and what quality of life means.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂


        Projects like this will add to a cumulative total, which over a long period, along with other contributing factors, can lead to change. Hopefully we share a common belief in the inevitability of change; only stretched to frustrating lengths of time by circumstance. Work towards that goal is commendable, I believe. Thanks for using your amazing voice to convey information on the project to us.


    Reblogged this on A Life In Paperback and commented:
    Interesting organization that I am excited to read more about & hopefully get involved with.


    Thank you so much for supporting The Watch Her Thrive Project. Without you and the rest of the amazing contributors, my “dream” wouldn’t have come true! xo


    proud of what you are using your voice for my dear. keep speaking out. xo!


    Congratulations on being published! By contributing your writing you model the importance and nescessity of getting involved in organisations that are making a difference in the world. Inspiring!


    I do in fact realize what your blog is all about, but it must be said. You’re smokin’ hot! 😀




    Great Idea and Congrats! Keep up the amazing work.

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