24 responses to 1/4 of the way through…


    Way to go!! In 82 days it will be 1,000 days since I left my ex-husband. I haven’t dated, kissed, slept, or been in any way not-single with anyone since leaving him. I can tell you, it’s totally do-able. Keep going!


      Wow, so happy for you! Are you glad you did it? Did you learn a lot about yourself?


        Yes and yes. It hasn’t been easy, and I didn’t start out with that goal. I piggy-backed yours. I am really much more comfortable with who me is, and I’m much more comfortable standing up for me. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I know what I believe and what I believe in. I know where I want to go with my life, and I know that I will get there even though I don’t know the road that will take me there. I know I can be me, and if I find someone, I find someone. If I don’t, that’s ok too. It’s friendship I want now, romance is second to that.


    Today, I was reading blogs and I was thought to myself, “it would be fun to hear from Vanessa again”. Hope you’ve got something cooking up for us!


    What a journey. You have my sincere admiration. Well done.


    So how are you feeling about the whole thing? Pleased you started it?


      I think there is a whole blog post just in this answer. I believe it will end up being one of the best decisions I have ever made. It can be hard, but only because the surface of me at times craves touch or closeness. My spirit though? It needed this.
      Making a decision like this is like making a gamble. Its believing that the end result, though nearly 3 years in the making, will be worth those said 3 years of solitude, self doubt, pondering, reflection and at times, loneliness.
      I am only 1/4 of the way through but I know for sure already that I would not trade anyone anything for what I have learnt about myself so far.

      Its hard. Not always, but sometimes its hard.
      It has been worth it though. To the moon and back it has been worth it.


        I am in full admiration of what you have achieved so far, and cannot wait to read the updates for the remaining three quarters.


    Wow! It seems so much more ‘doable’ when it’s broken into quarters like that! Have you had any major temptations yet or are you still finding it relatively easy??


    Oh congrats! I am proud of you! Keep on keeping on! 😉


    I wish my gift daughter would do this. She leaps from man to man, and now woman to woman, without a day between one and the next…


    I hope that you self search leads you to find what you are looking for… I am envious of your quest…


    When I see read this I hear it as if you said it through a big smile. Looking back and ahead with great positivity and expectation.

    You Rock!


    Great job! Stay focused. Three more times around the track and you’re home free.


    Congrats. Looking forward for more interesting posts of you being single.


    YAY YOU for Day 250! You inspire me and I loved your “About” so much I shared it on . I believe your story will inspire so many girls out there to go on their journey of growth and discovery… thank you! ❤ Love, Mish


    So happy for you. Happy, too, for the inspiration!


    Congrats! Looking forward to hearing what’s coming next for you.


    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award!! I love reading your blog and it inspires me every day!

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