600 of anything is a lot let alone 600 days of celibacy…

January 27, 2014 — 28 Comments


600 days! I’ve been a ghost over the last few months, but I have been very much still walking through these 1000 single days and can confirm that I am still as pure as the driven snow, I have made it to day 600 with celibacy still firmly in tact! Yahoo!
I have been neglecting the blog due to the fact that I have been holidaying in New Zealand having the best summer of my entire life. I have never been so happy and have been busy with incredible experiences and I am sorry that I haven’t published an update in so long but hey, I knew the freedom and carefree time of summer would make sticking to the single days pledge a bit harder so I have taken to keeping myself very busy to stay distracted. Oh, I have so many things to tell you about though and have been chipping away on a post when I find spare moments and will try and get that up in the next few days.

I am more content and happy now than I have ever been, now lets get the last 400 days over and done with!

28 responses to 600 of anything is a lot let alone 600 days of celibacy…


    I’m so proud of you, and will keep cheering you on. Thank you for inspiring us to dare ourselves to be better people – even if we don’t think we can achieve it – we try, a day at a time!
    Happy 600 days!


      Thanks for the encouragement, I feel pretty sorry that I have dropped off the radar recently but it really is only because life has been throwing some very amazing experiences my way and i’ve been grabbing them with both hands and enjoying every moment of them but i’m often left really exhausted afterwards and my brain can’t produce much of anything worthwhile but it will be back to business soon so ill be around more often. 🙂


    Oh, so there you are. Been away have we then? Hope you enjoyed your holiday and it’s good to see you back on board. 🙂


      Heyyyyy Laurie! Yes I have been in beautiful New Zealand since November and its been incredible although as I said in another reply, I have been spending a fair bit of time where there is no power/internet so keeping the blog up to date has been a bit hard, but come March I will be back at University and I tend to have more structure in my life while I’m studying so will be contributing more then, although I plan on putting my feet up today and hopefully getting something up by this evening. 🙂


        Great to hear from you Vanessa. Your blog vanished for a while, with a message from wordpress popping up saying you had committed some heinous sin against them. So you’re living a little rough then? I look forward to hearing from you again and reading your great offerings. You keep those feet up girl, it’s good for the circulation. 🙂


    Why would it be a challenge to get through summer. Don’t Christians have to wait till marriage. Each to there own…


      Only Christian ‘fundamentalists’, actually; you know, those most devout Roman Catholics for starters … fact of the matter is roughly no less than 65% Christians of in democratic countries don’t … (wait, that is. Ah, but DO they tell ‘little white lies’ about it? ; )


    Hi! Congratulations on your days of consecration! You are are reaching for 1000 days, that is awesome!

    How many days would 9 1/2 years be???!!!!! Well when you find out let me know because THATis MY number!!! LOL

    I syay VERY busy, prayed up and realizing my self worth……so its NOT as hard as it could be.


      Oh gosh, girl you make my menial 600 days sound like a walk in the park! And as to how many days: approx 3469! Argh! amazing haha!
      Its been a very interesting time for me, I don’t think people realise how much there is to learn about yourself. I thought I knew myself pretty well until I made the decision to be alone and look inward to who I was.


    Congrats girly, you’re doing great! Looking forward to the next post. 🙂


    So glad to hear you had a wonderful summer. Wait, you’re on the southern side – so right now is summer! Glad to hear you are well, sticking to your goals, and that it’s having such a positive effect on your life! I look forward to your next post.


      Yes it is still summer! I still have several more weeks of this beautiful summer holiday before I return to University for my final sprint to graduation so I am savouring every moment of it. Have found it hard to keep my eye on the blog as a lot of my summer adventures have taken me to areas where we don’t have power/internet. Thanks for the ongoing support, hope I remember how to write after such a long break! x


    nice to see you back I have missed your blog. Lovely to read how happy you are! xxxx


      Will pop a proper update up in the next day or so. Ive had so many incredible experiences and overcome so many things that it won’t all fit in the one post so I will have to write a general play by play of this summer so far, which has just been incredible, then write another about what things i’ve overcome and how thats changed everything and then another solely about all the live music experiences i’ve had here as that alone has been a major factor in how darn happy I am right now. Will pour a glass of wine and get started……
      Thanks for sticking around even when i’m being slack 🙂


    Thanks for the update, and I know the next 400 you’ll breeze through. Truly, you are an inspiration! Thought of you when I heard Lorde won at the Grammys last night – she’s from your part of the world, right? Stay strong and happy!- Mosk


      Haha! Yes Lorde is from Devonport which is about 2 hours from here, isn’t she doing amazing things! Hard to believe she’s only 17! Go kiwis!!!
      Thanks for the encouragement, just a little over a year to go!


    Congratulations! You haven’t quit and are on target for your goal of getting to know yourself. Amazing investment! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next posts.


    All the best as you walk in faith.


    Dear Ms. “1,000” … {not a-thousand-one?}. (Hm, reflecting now upon your web-log title, now one cannot help wondering about how one might go about ‘planning’ any ‘special delivery’ upon such a deadline? Apparently you’re most well-aware, “Can’t Hurry Love”, lady.)

    Seriously, though, I do commend your decided courage of conviction–however, I must rather sensibly beg to differ:
    [!SPOILER ALERT!] evidently you either are or actually HAVE BEEN a mermaid all along and … well? Perhaps you’ve been working your way toward becoming so self-enlightened through this journey of ‘keeping still’ which you’ve remarkably … volunteerd for? (I won’t tell if you don’t. ; ] But really, all that ‘loving’ just prooved to much–did it? I’m sorry, I’m no position to empathize given my own undeserved exile unto ‘lovelessness’ & INvolontary celebacy {under a certain regionally costomary social-economy, shall we diplomatically say?} now at approximately TWO-THOUSAND, FIVE-HUNDRED DAYS … & not bound to be ‘spell-broken’ any time on our Northern Hemisphiric, sprining horizon. Nevertheless, I believe I do understand your exersize of self-discovery by ‘powers-that-{you now see}-be’ of your own FREE will. Would there were more like yourself here in ‘up-state’ central New York (U.S.A.) . . . there might justly be a considerably fewer UNjustly shunned bachalors ’round this wintry burgh, k.a. Syracuse & surrounding … [tundra! X ]

    ~ Blessed Be ~

    & THANK YOU for following my web-log! I DO very much appreciate the likes of your occasioned attention.

    ~ ‘Sir James’ {But of course, no such formality need apply by your kind regards.}


      Oh, I stand ‘rough-guestamately’ corrected by my own ‘Woman of Thee Dream’, no less:
      lest I short-change either of we: it’s only been 3,097 days since I was last ‘great[fully enough] ‘loved”–given all worldly circumstances. Then again, perhaps that doesn’t count, given she was only doing what ever it took for her to take what she could in any-case? Honestly, don’t know so well anymore–but that I’ve not yet crossed paths with a reasonably healthy … soul, who’d so kindly regard myself as any otherwise. & yet, obviously, I’m reporting in the wrong venue as ever. So then, refer me onward hence and I’ll certainly not have time to trouble any greater conscientious objectors here, ever-the-more, surely. I do admit to being rather amusingly ‘single-minded’ at ‘all that’.

      ~[“just another Word-…”]


    Congratulations and well done. This is slightly tangential, but I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster award. Want to claim your prize? I’ve left you instructions on today’s post. I’m not spamming you, just humor me. http://mnsho.com/2014/02/13/oh-my-darling/


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    What happens at 1,000 days?

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