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Its been so long since I really wrote anything and for a while it was because I felt too far away from my own mind to do so, and then when I came back to my mind I found so many thoughts collected there, and just like standing before a scattered deck of cards, I didn’t know where to begin sorting through it all so I just stood there and stared at it all for weeks.
All those thoughts…

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One year passes me by. And yes, I have remained true.
635 days to go….

You and what army?

September 4, 2012 — 66 Comments

If you witnessed Travis Pastrana to get on a Suzuki RM250, ride it full tit toward a large jump and then do a backflip, then you might shrug your shoulders, maybe nod your head, semi impressed.
However, if I got on that same Suzuki, managed to actually work out how to start it, figured out what makes it move forward, and then rode that thing at top speed toward a huge jump and then pull a backflip, you would go insane right? So why the difference in reaction? We both did the same thing, we both did a backflip while holding onto a loud, wheeled bullet. So whats the reasoning here?

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7 days ago I was 71 kg and then I did some unusual things to my body like exercise and strength train and put green things into my mouth and this morning I stood on the scales again and the numbers had changed. They were not 71. They were 68.4.

I lost 2.6KG (5.7 lbs) in 7 days.

Now I want to do two things in this post. 1. I want to tell you what I spent the last 7 days doing which resulted in me being 2.6 kg’s less fat than I was last Monday and 2. I want to take some of the things I have learned in the 8 years I have been studying nutrition and health and weight loss as a hobby, put it into Vanessa language and then write it out in a way that other regular people like me can understand and hopefully learn a thing or two so you can have your own banging body. But before we carry on, can I just make something clear:

This post is for regular human beings.

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I have 5 sisters, and people always used to say we look SO much alike.  I think its because we were all knees, ribs and elbows, and I suppose that if you look like one big elbow, or one giant, walking ribcage, it would be hard to tell you apart from another big elbow, or another walking ribcage, and so, as we are all knees, elbows and ribs… we do kind of look the same.  At 5”9, Aliyah and I are the shortest, where as Nelly and Teraza clear 6 foot with ease.

As I child, I was told we all resembled a praying mantis. And then, when Lord of the Rings came out, it was Elves, and since Avatar came out, we are ‘Avatars’. In other words, we are all unusually tall, and unnaturally skinny.

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