Pom pom rug tutorial

We had a lot of wet weather recently, which forced me indoors with nothing much to do, so I did what most people would naturally do on a rainy afternoon and I made a pom pom rug.
Here it is:

Number 1 Number 2

A lot of beautiful ladies from my lovely town have asked for a tutorial, so to the ladies of Ulladulla, this tutorial is just for you.

First thing you need to do is make a TON of pom poms. This might seem daunting but I found a really quick and easy way to make pom poms of any size with nothing more than some wool, your own hand and a pair of scissors. The gal in THIS VIDEO shows you how to make them the same way I made them for this rug.
Get yourself settled in front of a good movie, because once you get the hang of it you will need some entertainment to get you through the next 200 pom poms.

In case you want extra photos, I will show you some photos of me making your basic Pom pom. Excuse the paint all over my hands, I was painting all day.

2013-07-13 20.00.17

1. Wrap wool around your fingers like so.
For large pom poms, wrap wool around 4 fingers. For medium, wrap around 3, for small, wrap around 2. The more times you wind the wool around your fingers, the fuller and thicker and fluffier the pom pom will be in end.

2. 2013-07-13 20.00.07

Get a length of wool, approx 20cm long. thread it through the middle of your fingers as I have in the photo above. Wrap the wool-length up and over the wool so both pieces of wool are then on the same side of your hand and tie it gently and slip wool off your fingers. Once wool is off your fingers pull the knot as tightly as you can and tie it off. It should now look like this:

2013-07-13 20.00.59

2013-07-13 20.01.29


Now you can cut the loops. Be careful not to cut the two lengths of wool you used to tie up the bunch as you will use those bits to tie it onto the mat later.

2013-07-13 20.01.49

5. Once you have cut all the loops, its going to look pretty ratty like so:

2013-07-13 20.03.02

6. Time to give that sneaky little pom pom a hair cut.

2013-07-13 20.03.15

When you have trimmed all the ratty bits of wool up, you should have a nice, round, even pom pom like so:

2013-07-13 20.04.22

7. Now make more pom poms. Some large, some small, some red, some yellow:

2013-07-13 20.05.15

8. Now make like, 100-gagiollion more. (not really, but you will need about 150)

Now that you are sitting in a living room full of pom poms and your right eye is twitching from insanity, its time to assemble the rug. Go to a hardware or homewares store and buy a door mat like this one:


9. Now you start tying the pom poms onto the mat by simply threading those long bits of wool you have left over on the pom poms from when you tied it off, through the mat and knotting it onto the other side like so:
2013-07-13 20.58.49

Mix up the colours, put big ones next to small ones next to medium ones. Tie them nice and closely together so you get a good, thick cover. Keep tying them all on until you have covered the whole mat in pom poms.

Flip the mat over and you should have something that looks a little bit like this:

Number 1

Enjoy your new pom pom rug,
Love from Vanessa

92 responses to Pom pom rug tutorial


    This is AMAZING!!!!!! ❤ Thank you! ^_^


    hey, i’m onit right now. can I do one in camo colours for the blokes you know. don’t for get us.


    How incredibly cool and easy! Thanks for this lovely DIY


    Will make some in school colors for the pom squad my daughter coaches.


    Here’s a link to a woman that gives a tutorial on how to make 14 or more pom poms at one time. Makes this rug so much more doable. http://www.flaxandtwine.com/2013/03/making-pompoms-in-bulk.html#_a5y_p=864512


    Such an awesome idea! I’ve started making Pom poms and my living room is covered in them. I can’t find the mat to tie them to. Where did you get yours?


    I love this! How do you clean it?


    I would love to see more patterns like this.


    Hi there, this rug is amazing, i am one pom pom obsessed girl. I have put this on my FB page this evening to share with my friends. I have linked to your tutorial here and credited your blog. I hope this is ok. Cant get enough of them.
    Loved reading your blog too.
    Thank you in advance and good luck on your journey.
    Susie xx


      Hello! Isnt it just the cutest! I love pom poms too and any pom pom loving gal needs her own pom pom rug!
      Thank you very much for sharing the tutorial, I appreciate that and hope your friends give it a crack!
      I must go and check out your site now, good luck with all your future pom pom endeavours!
      Vanessa xx


    LOVED everything about this whole post! Great details 🙂


    I’m so doing one of these for my campervan after I’ve finished knitting a blanket for the cool nights in summer.


    How many skeins of yarn would this take? And do you know about how many yards each pom took? I don’t have a ton of yarn stockpiled, and would like to know how much to get. Such a cute fluffy rug!


      Oh gosh, I don’t know anything about Skeins or yards or measurements I am so sorry! As some pom poms were quite small and others larger, each pom pom used various amounts of wool. Try making just one larger pom pom and watch how much you use for that one. Smaller pom poms can be made from the wool you don’t have much left of and remember that you can use several smaller lengths of wool to make the one pom pom. Sorry if I haven’t been much help, I was completely winging it when I made that rug and wasn’t paying attention to amounts used etc!
      Happy rug making (send me a pic when yours is done!!)


    I love this idea….how long does the project take to complete? Thank you for sharing x


    thanks for sharing !! Amazing 😉


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    Can we use regular yarn? You keep referring to “wool” but do you really mean yarn? I have a ton of yarn left over form my scarf-making days.


      Hi there, yes I mean yarn 🙂 I guess there’s an example of countries using different words for things right there 🙂
      Good luck with your project!


        Hi where do you get the ‘door mats’ from? I’m from UK so not sure where to look are there any online? I need to make a few for presents so need bulk buy.. Thanks


    Do you take requests? This is simply amazing! When I saw the pic I believed it was store made ;D
    Everytime I slip the yarn from my fingers, it all comes apart 😦 I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…


    Hi I want to try this….where do I get the Matt from? Is there another name for them? So I can search online .. Thanks

    Ravdeep kaur Toor June 14, 2014 at 10:41 PM

    Quite good for the houshold women ndu r way of making undrstand people is really fantastic ♥♥♥♥


    awesume,thanku,going to def try it,


    Nice! How do you clean it? O_o Spot clean?


    Nice! Just one question: how do you clean it? O_o Spot clean?

    Juanita harris June 16, 2014 at 4:17 AM

    I’m thinking of doing it on plastic web,and in red and white stripes with a blue square with small yellow ones.Make a flag basically


    Great idea. Was looking 4 something crafty yet simple to do.im not too crafty.. but I think this will be a start to my at home projects. Thnx .. I would love to make a huge rug for living room. . Do u think it’s possible to find bottom piece that large or do you recommend something else?


    I must of got it from Mother. I am going to give it a try. My granddaughters would love one. Not to mention my dear Mother. Thanks for sharing and thanks for following my blog. I look forward to more of your post. Peace,love,joy to you always

    Much love Tom



    WAY COOL!!
    Thanks so much for this creative idea, I think that doing this will be a true labor of love.

    Thanks again, & God Bless You.


    A Mother of All Trades March 30, 2016 at 2:35 AM

    This is so cool!!!


    How many things of yarn did you use to make this rug?


      Hi Savannah, it was some time ago now so I can’t really remember how much yarn I used in total but it does vary depending on how thick and fluffy you want each ‘pom pom’
      You could make one to begin with to get an idea of how fluffy and full you would like each pom pom and then that would give you an estimate on how much you may need for the whole rug, as it also depends on how big you want the run too. 🙂 Good luck and enjoy!


    Hey! This was wonderful but unfortunately I only have an old rug to use so can I just glue these pom poms onto an old rug?


      I would suggest you thread them on if possible rather than use glue as glue would have a very short life span, especially if the rug takes any foot traffic at all. Get a nice thick needle and some strong, hemp thread or similar and sew them to the rug base and see how that works. Good luck!


    How much yarn did you need approximately for 200 pom poms? I am wanting to do a pink, grey and white rug for my granddaughter.


      2-3 skeins of yarn for each color . The large skeins. 7oz/ 364 yds .


      Hmmm, it really depends on how big you want to make the pom poms, as smaller ones use less yarn and bigger, more fluffy/full ones require more. I bought a small amount of yarn to begin with and made a few pom poms until I was happy with the size/fluffiness and then bought further yarn based on that measure. Sorry not to be more specific but it really comes down to personal preference and the result you want to end up with, but start off with a tester to try and get a better idea. Good luck!!!


    thnx cnt wait to try out my own….

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