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I am going to blatantly and unashamedly ask you to do something for me for no other reason than it would make me happy and that’s the gosh honest truth of it.

Since starting this blog I have had a lot of support from family and friends but one person who has really offered exceptional support and advice and has been a priceless friend since this all started is my dear friend Mikey. Now he recently began his own venture, establishing Studio HD which is described in their own words as “a web series on how (not) to run a successful music studio.”
They create these hilarious and genius “song in a week’ music videos based on the suggestions of their fans. As they are just starting out they are looking for support and publicity and as they used several of my own suggestions in their very first video and have shown relentless support for my writing I would like to give back to them by asking my own readers to take a look at their Facebook page and if you like what you see ‘Like the page’

I have never used my blog as a platform to promote any business or organisation and this will be the only exception to my rule on this but Mikey helped me through a particularly difficult time a few days ago and I really feel like this is a way I could say thank you.
Starting studio HD was a big deal for the guys behind it and I am 110% for following your dreams and doing something creative with your life and taking risks.
Please do me a favor and like THIS PAGE.
In return I will publish a little story.
Love you all,