22 responses to 100 days in…


    Congrats! I didn’t make it that long..haha.. I made it a week. You inspire me! 🙂


    are we having a party to celebrate? I did bring cake but I ate it on the way over!


    Congratulations! It’s your first milestone!


    So it’s official! Haha! Bravo!


    10% complete! good job! love your posts, you are an incredible writer, and I’m sure this is leading to the next best thing in your life!


    😀 Well done! You are an inspiration!


    Bravo Zulu! (old sailor talk for “well done”)


    Congratulations!!! 😀 So thrilled for you.


    Great determination!


    You go girl !!!!


    now you do that 10 times. 😛


    Congratulations. 🙂
    How does it feel to hit a milestone like that?


    Get it girl! i’m in the same boat as you right now, i’m lovin being single and ive been single for about a year now which is the longest time since ive been 15, i’ve always been in relationships and i think its fun being single so far! Single Ladies ❤


        yeah, some guys do, but the right guy would make you were always with him and not single. I guess you’re saying this out of your bitter experiences, but don’t let it cloud your judgment of guys. I could as well say the same about girls, but I choose not to generalize, after all, I have a mum and she’s wonderful, to we the kids and my dad. I just pray I’ll be as lucky as my dad to find someone like my mum. Jolly!


    Congratulations! 😀 You are inspiring for a lot of women! x


    Hi! I was wondering if I could put a link to your blog on mine. Your story has really inspired me to do something similar! 🙂

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